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    Blood Brothers Coalition

    Post by juggernaut on Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:50 pm

    I want to hear your opinion about this Smile

    -In times of war-

    1.The coalition will fully support any alliance member in deffensive wars (if one of the alliances
    in the coalition is taken to war..WE ALL FIGHT TO DEFEND IT NO QUESTION ASK!!!)

    2.In offensive wars, the leaders will be told the reason of the war, and each has the right
    to participate or to refuse to join the war.

    -In times of peace-

    1.We will offer optional attack support with targets and full diplomatic support.
    2.We will offer full support with targets that failed to reply positively to our diplomats.
    3.Attacks between members of our coalition will be resumed to 1 gold attack for 2 days.
    (if the alliances in the coalition accept FF policy)
    4.If rule 3. is broken, the problem will be resolved with diplomacy. If diplomacy fails,
    the member will be excluded from the coalition and massed.

    -Accepting new members-

    1.The founders of BBC reserve their right to send the first 7 invites
    (founders- Viking Gods +CCCP)
    2.Every alliance leader has the right to propose a future member, which will then be voted among
    the Coalition. 50%+1 votes needed for acceptance.

    -Kicking out members-

    1.The founders of the coalition can not be kicked out of BBC. (CCCP + VG /TSL)
    2.An alliance can be kicked only by vote. 50%+1 votes needed to kick one out.
    3.An alliance can be subject of being kicked if:
    -it's leader becomes inactive
    -it starts wars for unclear/ilogical/unrealistic reasons
    -it does not follow BBC's rules
    4.Every member can propose an alliance to be kicked by invoking any of the reasons above.

    -Internal Conflict-

    1.In case of a conflict between two or more alliances of BBC, the coalition will offer
    diplomatic support to end the conflict quick and without incidents.
    2.In the case that diplomacy will fail, the problem will be discussed in a council formed
    of all alliance leaders, where the measures to be taken will be decided.
    3.If it is proven that an alliance intentionatly started a conflict, it will be kicked, and
    the council will vote if a war should be waged against.

    ps -- the coalition will not have a profile..if we need a forum in time will have one..but for now all you have to do is talk to us on msn and if your alliance is a member put in the profile BLOOD BROTHERS COALITION
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    Re: Blood Brothers Coalition

    Post by HadesRuleZ on Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:19 am

    It's cool for me! However we must become an active alliance first

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